A lot of activity and curious people on the net.

Many robots, visitors, webmasters, sometimes with ulterior motives.

The robots looking for content to index or email addresses, most of the humans wanting to make sense of a log file or statistics, wanting to know who's knocking at the door or what can be collected from them.
Sometimes humans try to be considered as a robot, mostly Googlebot.
Robots too do not always identify and try to look like human beings.

The site will try to give you some information and a simple script to spot the activity of visitors and webbots using PHP and MySQL for those who have no access to their Apache log files, much more complete.

The IP

The IPs are often redistributed, forwarded, "African Internet Numbers Registry" blocks or the Asian Pacific Region IPs are often imprecise or unknown, a few ISP (AOL, tele2, chello, colt...) centralize the traffic and their customers seem to come from the central point, big companies do the same...
"Google Web Accelerator" (IP 72.14.192.xx) increases requests from the United States.
A few visitors use "proxies" or translation services.

Anonymity is not always what we believe : it is more difficult to spot the one who leaves too much or too common information than the one who tries to mask...

The other data

All the information below is public and extracted from the HTTP protocol. No visitor can be identified.
A few lines of javascript allow Google Analytics to collect more information about the visitors.
Other information, logged by your ISP, can sometimes be collected by javascript, java, Flash (folder #SharedObjects - have a look at Adobe Settings Manager and Website Storage Settings panel) or cookies.
Other sites go further : in French with CNIL, in English with privacy.net for example.

Collected information

  • You are probably a robot.
  • You arrived at 00:30:51 (utc+2) on Tue Jun 19
  • You opened this page at 00:33:09 (utc+2)
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  • ip-to-country: UNITED STATES
  • MaxMind GeoLite: United States
  • the browser User Agent: unknown
  • the domain name: unknown
  • hostip.info (www.hostip.info): UNITED STATES ip address lookup
  • City:
  •  Latitude:
  •  Longitude:
  • IP:
  • Host: ec2-54-167-230-68.compute-1.amazonaws.com
  • Your browser User Agent: CCBot/2.0 (http://commoncrawl.org/faq/)
  • thus: a robot
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  • Request method : GET

You can display the page without the host restrictions.

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